Experience & Education

As a full stack developer, I’ve often been put into leadership positions that required working with different departments and skills.

Freelance Full Stack Developer

2019 - Current | Self Employed

I started freelancing to have more flexibility while raising my newborn children. As a freelance developer, I've developed a dating app that uses music as a matchmaking criterion, a web portal for commercial real estate loan applications, and a custom 'batteries included' web app framework for rapid development and deployment with serverless architecture.

Lead Developer and Designer

2015 - 2019 | Native Rank

Native Rank is a digital marketing agency that provides fully managed services. In this position, I hired and managed a team of three software engineers, worked directly with the CEO and VP, architected, or re-engineered most in-house and client facing applications/websites, and helped shape core services and business operations.

Through partnership programs with Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, I developed a system to parse dozens of reporting API's that produced easily digestible charts for clients. We could also use this information to alert our teams of any issues that need to be addressed. This spanned over thousands of accounts, happened in real-time, and within less than 3 seconds per account.

Lead Developer

2012 – 2015 | Everything Mobile

I helped develop a comprehensive platform for businesses to use mobile engagement with their customers. Major features that I worked on included designing and developing loyalty check-in kiosks for Android tablets, marketing list and funnel management, mass SMS message broadcasting, auto-responders, and a responsive landing page generator.

portrait of Gabriel Holley
portrait of Gabriel Holley
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