portrait of Gabriel Holley

My Name Is Gabriel Holley, and I’m a Full Stack Developer Based in Southwest Colorado.

portrait of Gabriel Holley

I am a passionate full stack developer who lives for solving complex problems with elegance and efficiency.

Besides web and app development, I’m also highly experienced with UI design, marketing, branding, and photography.

I’m interested in multi-role and leadership opportunities that require creative problem solving and autonomy.

Samples & Screenshots

I’ve worked with clients across a variety of industries that have afforded me the opportunity to tackle nuanced solutions for various needs and wants.

Skills & Knowledge

I have experience with a wide array of technology, and I’m comfortable jumping into anything. I thrive at working in multifaceted positions.

Experience & Education

As a full stack developer, I’ve often been put into leadership positions that required working with different departments and skills.

Freelance Full Stack Engineer

2019 – Current | Self

I left Native Rank to help my wife with our newborn daughter while freelancing. Since then, I’ve continued to develop websites for small businesses, provide consultation services, as well as app development.

Most recently, I was contracted to develop a match making app in a similar vein as Tinder. This app is different in that you build an autobiographical timeline with relevant music and your matches are based on those answers. Additionally, I developed many common features in social applications such as messaging, buddy/match lists, privacy controls, and picture sharing.

Head of Engineering and Design

2016 – 2019 | Native Rank

I was promoted from the web development team to create an engineering department. In this position, I hired and managed a team of 3 software engineers, worked directly with the CEO and VP, architected or re-engineered most in-house and client facing applications/websites, and helped shape core services and business operations. This included working with a plethora of software, frameworks, servers, 3rd party vendors, and partnership programs with Google, Microsoft, and Facebook.

Additionally, I performed systems administration, advanced client services, technical support and guidance to all departments, updated all marketing assets and materials, as well as provided master design and brand assets to all departments.

Lead Web Developer and Designer

2015 – 2016 | Native Rank

Shortly after joining Native Rank in a newly founded department for website development (client services), I was promoted to supervise the department. My responsibilities included vetting employee applicants, training employees, working with clients to design and develop business websites, facilitate SEO and advertising services, as well as provide technical support and maintenance to contracted clients.

During this time, I oversaw the growth of the team (10 developers), and laid the foundation for the development stack and processes that allowed us to reduce average turn-around time from 67 days to 26 days.

Full Stack Developer

2012 – 2015 | Everything Mobile

In this position, I helped develop a comprehensive platform for businesses that allowed them to use SMS messaging and mobile phone features to engage their customers.

Major features that I worked on included designing and developing loyalty check-in kiosks for Android tablets, marketing list and funnel management, mass SMS message broadcasting, auto-responders, and a responsive landing page generator.


2005 – 2012 | Self

As a fulltime automotive technician, I took on several side gigs and personal passion projects. They ranged from photography, graphic & logo design, plugin / extension stores for WordPress and Joomla, and a host of others.

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